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Eco-Friendly and reliable, made with European recycled bamboo paper, without chlorine, artificial coloring or fragrances.

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In 2000, Belovo opened a new factory for the production of napkins and various hygiene products in the village of Verkhny Artashat, Ararat region. over the 19 years of the company's activity, the volume of production has constantly increased, and the type of products has expanded. Belana, Ecca, Gola, Soloro Lilie, Lilie Fresh, Loto Thompi, Service, Sisi are the names of products that are popular in Armenia. In addition, Belovo offers a wide range of napkins and hygiene products. These brands have received high marks among a very wide range of consumers.

The napkin factory keeps up with the times and has implemented the latest technologies in its work in accordance with all innovative requirements, which, in turn, meets the needs and preferences of even the most principled customers. The factory cooperates with a wide range of different countries, including Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, Turkey and Serbia: The professional and high-quality work of the plant is ensured by the latest equipment and the conscientiousness of the work of highly qualified employees

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